by Gnarwolves

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CRU was released on 16th July through Tangled Talk and Day By Day Records


released July 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Gnarwolves Brighton, UK

Gruff Pop Punk played by Cornish boys in Brighton.


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Track Name: History Is Bunk
Your boiling blood may run thicker than mine
Your eyes may see throught the bitterness in due time
And I lied in truth
Not the first time that I've lied to you
But I intended to be cruel this time
And that's not the same thing
It's not the same thing
This time I want to see you suffering
Track Name: We Want The Whip
Right your wrongs, empty your lungs
You got shit, shit out of luck
Were you expecting glory regailing stories about the pretty girls you've fucked
It's no cause for alarm, We're just falling apart and that's all right
So lock your doors and ask yourself what you're whining for
You've got four walls and a bed
So everything you hoped I'ld say is a mystery to me
You've got four walls and a bed
So deal with it
You've got a plate glass chin, a shit eating grin so by all means spit and bleed
We could just piss and moan till we're drunk and lonely
sleep, consume, repeat
But come on, be real!
Be a fool but be my friend
Do you need to get away?
Track Name: A Gram Is Better Than A Damn
We cruise the same old town with the same old crowd
And drink til we kill ourselves
So if you're fading now then you must be proud
But surely there's something else
And when the night s through I won't ask you if you're sober
'cause if drink and drugs will make kids of us
Then I can't handle getting older
You drink like you've got a problem
But you've got nothing to say
So either keep on walking or start talking to me
Getting wasted makes me fucking crazy
Track Name: Oh, Brave New World!
Every single story told is a record of war
I won't patronise with hope, scratch slogans on your walls
We could bargain for more, or watch standards surely fall
It's a criminal defeat, we're always bruised but never sore
Never sore, so always know
That I've got control of my little life
I'm comfortable
I've got control
It's a bitter pill to taste
And I've swallowed by mistake
An assumed ignorance won't be an excuse I'll ever make
So I'm spinning towards the shore
Hearing talks of foreign wars
Trying hard to see the part of death you're celebrating
I've got control of my little life, I'm comfortable
I own the world, I have a right to sneer at men, I'll never know
I've got control
The beginning is tied into the the end
Track Name: Coffee
Will you stay forever indebted friend?
Her ghost is in my head
Entwined with the railroad tracks
The lines will sing electric and smothering
Feet in cold sand, thinking of new plans
I'm way in over my head
Dark clouds are coming, concealing nothing
I'm way in over
Sleep where you're told
Coffee and cold
Sleep when you need
I'll sleep when I'm old
Coffee and Cold