Fun Club

by Gnarwolves

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released December 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Gnarwolves Brighton, UK

Gruff Pop Punk played by Cornish boys in Brighton.


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Track Name: Decay
Forgive me for screaming
Forgetting to breathe in
This is the first time and the only time
I implore you to pluck out my eyes
All good things must die
I'm dying but how does it feel to you?
Track Name: No Time For Old Bones
For my ailing bones
Pack your bags and leave for another home
See, every day spent lying is fuel for my scapegoat
And we need to let go
My memory's a bitch
Can't remember the last thing I did
It goes on and on and on
Tie the noose
I've got my neck tied tight on a 6 foot rope
But it's a 7 foot drop and the suicide note
is just a false apology stitched to my turncoat
My memory's a bitch
Track Name: Reaper
You're goddam right I fear the reaper
Every time I hear the closing chords
I'm not afraid to die
But living doesn't make much sense at all
I'm losing it
It's miserable
When your name reads like an epitaph
And every ounce of strength is used to wave your friends goodbye
I sat and prayed for a changing tide
Every night
Let the city sleep soundly
Every door remain closed
We will move with the oceans
'till we're inches from home
And from the shores of our town
We will pity the old
For out freedom once priceless
Is now paid for in gold
For every thought rejected
Every moment that's spent
Putting bars on our boxes
A mercenaries lament
We can do better
Track Name: Chlorine In The Jean Pule
Is your head still spinning?
Are you falling hard enough?
When you lost your faith
Did living feel the same?
And in your darkest days
Do you wish to feel the way
You did when you were safe and angry?
For every time they spoke in tongues
Blurred the truth to spare their lungs
They took our souls away
And every time we played along
Rewrote every wrong
We only Have ourselves to blame
They took our souls away
And every word we utter out
Is a smear against a world that took our souls away
So summon up the courage
If we're silent then we only have ourselves to blame
They took our souls away